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Totoro Birthday Cake

Some time ago, me and Thomas met up for cake making. My sweetheart, Mia, turned 26 and was in need of a cake. And not just any cake, but a special one- Turquoise. Mia’s favorite color is turquoise after all. … Continue reading

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Evening sketch

Felt like drawing a portrait again. Needed to do something personal, but quick. Have other things I really should do. One black and white version and one color version. I get so…. sad/happy/longing when I see cherry blossoms on my … Continue reading

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Spring Flower II

I think this is the last image I have of Yui. Funny how you can take 200 pictures but only some of them get interesting/good. Being a photographer is hard sometimes. Talking about that… A lot of exiting things is … Continue reading

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Spring Flower: Behind the scenes

Yesterday I had planned a photoshoot slightly inspired by the fantastic Zhang Jingna. I really love her work, so I wanted to do something similar to this: I really like the big hair and the flowers. From here on, most … Continue reading

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Japanese Pinup

I bought a new Canon flash Speedlite when I was in the US and back in Norway I bought a softbox for it as well, so today I decided to make a little test with it. Also, I have made … Continue reading

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Back to Chicago, Reuonin and Auto Show

Jeff and I headed back to Chicago. At the airport Jay waited for us. Well, some of you might remember Jay? Well, by a coincidence I found myself in the same country as my ex. Shun also came to Jeff’s … Continue reading

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2012 in Pictures and Text

Entering 2012, the year the Mayans ended our calendar, I decided that 2012 was going to be the year of adventure and travelling. It sure was some hell of a journey. I travelled so many places I never thought I … Continue reading

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