After spending some days at Jakub’s grandparent’s house, our journey headed towards Krakow. We woke up the day we were gonna leave, getting served some vodka shots to cure our hangover from the day before. I found that pretty funny to be honest. My grandparents would never give me that 7 am in the morning.

We stayed at a hostel close to the old city in Krakow. It wasn’t really a pretty hotel, but it was fairly ok, and not too many people. I was really surprised by how beautiful Krakow was. Visually it was pretty awesome!

The weather was really great as well, and the weather was perfect for some lovely photographs of this city. Pictures really can’t justify how beautiful Krakow is.

Of course they had a castle in Krakow- which made me happy! I didn’t take too many pictures of it really, as it was on the hillside and we thought about going up there the following day.

After a rather nice walk through the city, we found our way back to the hostel where we met some lovely Swedish guys that we ended up partying with.

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Thai boxing illustration

jonny tb copy jonny tb farger

Drawn from a reference picture of Jonny.

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Break from work

Worked for some hours tonight but had to take a little break sketching :)

eveningsketch stare copy

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Another photoshoot from Poland

Jakub wanted me to take some more photographs of him and here is the result. Forced him to take some photos of me as well.

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Poland 2013

Now we are traveling back in time. In October, my good friend Jakub, invited me with him to Poland to meet his grandparents and explore a unseen country (for me).

We went with Ryanair, which is always very pleasant. Not. Jakub tried his best to teach me some Polish, and I tried my best to memorize and immitate him as good as I could. It didn’t really work out that good, considering all the people around us were laughing of my horrible Polish language skills.

Jakub’s grandparents where so adorable and cute! They were extremely welcoming and met me with open arms. I got a cute room and was super exited about spending my first night in a Polish home.

We had a late dinner and chatted with Jakub’s grandparents. The food grandmother had made for us was so delicious! I have never tasted anything like it, and I enjoyed every little bit I ate of the food. I was pretty full at the end of the evening. We also got served some Polish alcohol that tasted pretty good. I hadn’t seen much of Poland yet, as the flight arrived when it was dark, so I was way too exited about waking up to daylight.

The first thing in the morning was some delicious apple cake. Jakub had warned me about all the food in Poland. I was starting to see what he meant.

Then we headed out to explore a little.

I was really fascinated by how different I found the autumn colors here compared to Norway. It was such a delight walking around in the forest. I really love nature. The temperature was perfect as well. Norway had just become too cold to not wear a jacket.

Of course we had to use nature for a little photoshoot. Oh how I wish I could have had a female model with a magnificent dress standing in this forest.

The forest magically provided us a place to put my camera so we could take a selfie.

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Sometimes, emotions and frustration just makes a drawing come to life. I don’t know if all you fellow artists feel the same way about this, but have you ever had problems going to sleep because you have too much to think about, and the only way you can let go of things is by expressing yourself through art?

darkness copy

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This must be one of the cutest cats I know of! She is totally adorable and so cute <3 It’s been quite a while since I took this, but yeah… Time.

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