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Sometimes, emotions and frustration just makes a drawing come to life. I don’t know if all you fellow artists feel the same way about this, but have you ever had problems going to sleep because you have too much to … Continue reading

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Aurora practice

Northern light study

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Odinsbarn- Hirka

Illustration of the main character in the book I’m currently reading. This is just how I’m picturing her, a little older perhaps and in reality I don’t think she has freckles.

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Huldra collab with Anne Marte

Anne Marte and I are yet again doing an art collaboration.This year we’re drawing a piece with the Norwegian folklore creature “Huldra”. Quote from Wikipedia: The Huldra is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. (Her name derives from a root meaning “covered” … Continue reading

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30 minutes sketch. Wasn’t quite sure what to draw, so just ended up doodling something.

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Flower hair WIP

A little while ago I started this portrait, but I don’t think I like her face like it is now. Too sharp face features. I might decide to change it, I might decide to never finish it.

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20mins sketch

I need to draw more manly men… I always draw these feminine ones..

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