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Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.

Color suggestions for Tulip

Heyas, just throwing in some color suggestions. Not too sure which one I will go for yet. Also throwing in a version I did like, but not gonna go for it.

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Tulip Work In Progress

I revisited a painting I started last year sometime. Hoping to finish it soon!

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Back to blogging

Hello, is there anyone out there? It’s been quite a while. Something like 1.5 years to be more exact… The last couple of months, I have been dwelling a little about doing this or not. A huge part of me miss … Continue reading

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This is the end

Of the blogging at least. I’ve decided to stop blogging and writing about my pictures, journeys etc. I have no interest in writing about what I do anymore, so I’m moving on. I still love taking pictures, so I have decided … Continue reading

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Tractor party

We found ourselves at a tractor event of some sort. It was pretty funny to be honest. I’ve never seen so many tractors gathered at one place in my whole life. The weather was constantly changing between rain and sunshine. … Continue reading

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A visit from the other side of the world

My dear Aolai came to visit me in Luxembourg, all the way from Australia. I’m so lucky to see her twice within half a year! I thought it was gonna take at least a year or two before I saw … Continue reading

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I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Jonny while he was surfing. You paid 25 euros and could surf for an hour. Pretty amazing to see how much Jonny improved during that hour. I did not when I tried. … Continue reading

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