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Hello, is there anyone out there?

It’s been quite a while. Something like 1.5 years to be more exact… The last couple of months, I have been dwelling a little about doing this or not.

A huge part of me miss blogging, but I didn’t like the feeling of it being a job that had to be done. It took all the fun away from it to be honest. Also, as I got older, I wanted more privacy for myself, and I still do, but I feel that I am lost when it comes to where and how to share my art. I have been trying to update tumblr, facebook, deviantart etc., but it hasn’t really felt the same. I felt the response I got on my art here was more personal, and I think I preferred this channel over any of the others, as it was easier connecting with my followers.

This blog won’t be so much about my life anymore, as in my personal life. I will continue this blog with some personal stuff, but mainly I will share my way of working towards getting better at design/drawing. I can’t promise there won’t be any travel posts about me going places though, but I will not post and upload things as often as I used to. Maybe once or twice a week.

The last years, I have desperately tried to get better at drawing/painting, but I’ve felt that getting anywhere came to an abrupt stop. I have come to realize that what I really need to do is to sit down and study. Both reading books, looking at tutorials, and looking at color and shape in real life. If not, I’ll just be stuck at the same level. I think my art came to reach a peek at what I could draw by my imagination, whereas now I see that I have to actually study to be able to draw what I actually imagine in my head.

Photography has stood still for a while… I’m hoping to get back into it, but it seems to be a bit difficult since my hands are already full of drawing/painting and my son.


My son and I

Yupp, I had a kid 9 months ago. Weirdly enough, that made me start working harder with getting somewhere with what I am doing. Having a child changed me in many ways, I guess. It made me see other sides of life that is fantastic, and it also made me really appreciate what it means to have time do what you really want- which is now after kiddo has gone to bed. 2-3 hours per evening in other words.

Anyway, enough of this wall of text. I’ll throw in a recent work in progress I’ve done of Odindsbarns.


Hirka from Odinsbarn


About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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2 Responses to Back to blogging

  1. Vegard says:

    Love the art style in your latest image. I can’t claim to have been a vivid follower of your blog before you took a break, but the best of luck further!

    • wictorianart says:

      Thank you :)
      It was pretty good to have a break to be honest. Gave me a break of what I felt was a blog that I had to update just because people expected me to.

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