UK October 2013

In the start of October I headed a short trip overseas to visit Jonny and enjoy London again.

Even though Norway had gotten pretty cold, the weather in the UK was still very enjoyable. I’m always trying to extend the autumn/late summer as much as I can, so that the Norwegian winter will feel shorter- considering how long, cold and dark it is.

Me and Jonny went out with his sister and her friends. It was my first time going out in London. The other times I have been here, I’ve only partied at the hostel bar I stayed at. I enjoyed myself a lot. London is great fun as long as you know where to go.

The area we were staying at was so beautiful. Love the architecture! So happy that the weather was so nice when I was in London as well. Have the impression that is quite windy and rainy most of the time.

After eating lunch, Jonny’s sister took us to a flower market, Columbia Road. The place was totally overcrowded, but they had so many beautiful flowers. You need to be pretty patient to walk down this road as it is pretty difficult getting anywhere when there’s so many people there. Got flashbacks of Harajuku in Japan.

to be continued –

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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