Muay Thai boxing

I’m currently spending some days in the UK just to relax and have fun.

Yesterday I went with Medway Muay Thai club to see them fight against other clubs in the UK. We had to wait around 8 hours for the guys to start fighting as there were so many children and youths having their fight first. I was really impressed by seeing 3-7 year old boys and girls kicking and punching with strength I don’t even have. Would love sending my future kids to thai boxing from a young age. I also saw a girl around 14 who had insane kicks. She was so strong. Think I found myself a new idol now. Wish that was me! I feel sorry for guys trying to mess with that girl to be honest.

I had the opportunity to test my camera skills when the guys started fighting, and I also did some filming for them. Was great fun, but I really wish I had a lens that could zoom. It’s also quite problematic to take good photos and make good recordings when I don’t have a good spot to take the pictures from- Considering how short I am.

Was great fun to see the guys fight anyway. I think I’ve never been so nervous and concentrated when taking pictures. I really had to do my best to predict when the kicks would come flying in order to get any good shots.

Here are two videos of Jonny’s fight. One from my camera and the other one from a phone. The first and second round was pretty awesome.

Please watch in HD. Filmed with my camera.

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Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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