How I ended up going to Luxembourg is quite a fun story to tell.

When I was in Estonia, Mia wanted to drop by Mc Donald’s to get a Mc Flurry. Me, I never go to Mc Donald’s. So I was standing in line, waiting to get a coffee when somebody asked me for the washroom. I turned around and looked up in a guy’s face. My first thought was: “Your English is way too good to be from Estonia.”
A thousand questions came to my mind, so I quickly answered: “No, but I can ask. Hold on a second.”
So, after figuring out where the toilet was, I started my ‘interview’ with this poor guy. “Where are you from? Why is your English so good? You are half something, aren’t you?”

I got to know that this fella was from Luxembourg, his mum was French, father from Hong Kong and now this guy was currently living in the UK, studying. As he seemed like a nice guy, and I felt we had a good connection, I decided to force his contact information out of him so I had somebody to visit once I decided to go to Luxembourg for a visit. After getting his phone number, I let him go to the toilet, poor guy.

Some weeks later, we skyped and he invited me to come to Luxembourg to stay at his family’s house while he was there during summer vacation. For a second I thought that it would be pretty crazy to visit a person you randomly met at Mc Donald’s, staying at his family’s house, but at the same time I am always encouraging everyone to take the chances you get in life, so some days later I had booked tickets to Lux. People who know me, say I’m crazy, but I’m just saying: I’ve taken so many chances in life, and I’m still alive so I’m just gonna keep going until the end.

All I knew about Luxembourg was that it’s supposed to be similar to Norway when it comes to economy, it’s a really small country and most important of all: They have castles.

Jonny picked me up at the airport and drove me back to his house. My first impressions overall wasvthat Jonny still didn’t seem like a maniac who was going to kill me or anything and Luxembourg was really green and flat?
His family was very nice as well, they really treated me nicely from the moment I stepped into their house. There are so many fantastic people out there in this world. Every time I meet fantastic people like this, I really appreciate my life.

After meeting Jonny’s family, Jonny took me to the city center and showed me around.

The weather was beautiful and the sunset so nice. We went for a stroll in the park and I just enjoyed being out of Norway.

The idyl took a rather quick end for a period though. We were walking down the street, and out of nowhere we heard screams, turned around just in time to see a car drive right into a pole close to a restaurant where people enjoyed coffee and food. The pole was torn out of the ground and the people sitting at the restaurant where flying through the air, including a baby chair with a baby in it. I got paralysed, while Jonny on the other hand side, ran across the street to help people. Impressive.
It seemed like nobody got too bad injured, but it got quite chaotic and I had the weirdest feeling ever. All I could think about was that if that pole hadn’t been there, the car would have crossed the street and probably run us down. Believe me, I appreciated life more than ever at that time. Probably more than that time I was in Japan during the huge earthquake. I was pretty shaky, but the journey continued.

We ended up playing games and won a small helicopter that died after trying it once. That was pretty hilarious. So far my first day in Luxembourg was pretty good. Enjoyed myself a lot.

I was so fascinated by the language they use in Luxembourg, while listening to the radio. It sounds like a mixture of French and German. Pretty interesting.

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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