Tallinn- Estonia

So this blog post is going to be really huge. Sometime during summer I went to Estonia, Tallinn, with my dear Mia. It was really spontaneous of us going there. I had just seen some cheap flight tickets, called Mia and asked if she wanted to go in 2 weeks. It took her a second to say yes.

The first thing we did in Tallinn was eating the most, seriously, most horrible sushi I have ever eaten. I’m not even sure if what we ate can be called sushi. It seemed like we were eating dead rat at times, and instead of mayo in the sushi they had… Butter? Or something very similar at least. So, guys, if you want to eat sushi for the first time, not in Tallinn. You’ll be afraid, very afraid.

After eating the best sushi ever, we finally found our way to the Old Town in Tallinn. Stepping beyond the walls was like walking many years back in time. It was… AWESOME!

Walking to the very centre of the Old Town, in front of us the famous, well-known Olde Hansa house was standing. Little did we know that we would end up eating the best food in our lives inside that huge medieval house. Outside of Olde Hansa this really talented people were singing and playing music and we also found some really good burnt almonds. That is a must try!

There were so many cute and unique shops every where you walked in the Old Town. I felt I could just walk for hours and hours looking at new medieval things all the time.

Tallinn was such a charming city as long as you kept inside the walls.

The view over the city was really beautiful as well. I love the red color on the roof tops!

Being all feminine and all that, me and Mia really couldn’t really ignore all the cute flower shops they had by the entrance of the city walls. Mia even had to buy a flower and bring it to our hotel room! Cute!

As mentioned earlier, the dinner was set in the Olde Hansa house. It was a bit expensive but totally worth every single euro! There was a live band playing and singing wonderful tunes and there also was a really interesting and funny play during the dinner. The food was so delicious, and there was so much different things to try as well. I guess the highlight of the dinner was the bear!
The less highlighted point were some drunk Norwegians in their 60′s screaming, shouting and making a scene out of everything next by our table. I was pretty embarrassed about being Norwegian at that time. It was also quite hard to not laugh of this couple next to us. Oh, Norwegians when they travel.

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Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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1 Response to Tallinn- Estonia

  1. Frøydis says:

    Looks absolutely charming! Love the pictures. I would really love to go there some time! ^_^ Thank you for the sushi-warning. <.<

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