Photography is not always about being serious

Ok, so this post will contain some serious pictures and some very very very unserious ones. I think the pictures tells the whole story themselves, right?

I have to return to Munich sometime in the future. Would love living here actually. For a year or so. Oh, if I only had the money and time.

IMG_4494 copy IMG_4499 copy IMG_4507 copy IMG_4509 copy IMG_4513 copy IMG_4516 copy IMG_4518 copy IMG_4519 copy IMG_4521 copy IMG_4524 copy IMG_4525 copy IMG_4528 copy IMG_4529 copy IMG_4531 copy IMG_4534 copy IMG_4540 copy IMG_4541 copy IMG_4553 copy IMG_4555 copy IMG_4567 copy IMG_4611 copy IMG_4615 copy IMG_4617 copy IMG_4618 copy IMG_4700 copy IMG_4703 copy

And here comes the very serious pictures. Apparently some guy thought it was so interesting that he was spending all his time looking at all of us acting like completely idiots. No wonder. I would have stared too.

IMG_4709 copy IMG_4713 copy IMG_4714 copy IMG_4716 copy IMG_4718 copy IMG_4722 copy IMG_4729 copy IMG_4738 copy IMG_4741 copy IMG_4747 copy IMG_4750 copy IMG_4752 copy

Then it was the boys’ turn. I’m dying looking at these pictures. What a great ending to my Munich journey.

IMG_4755 copy IMG_4758 copy IMG_4760 copy IMG_4762 copy IMG_4763 copy IMG_4765 copy IMG_4769 copy

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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1 Response to Photography is not always about being serious

  1. Liv Elin says:

    hahahahaha…non-conformists…totally love that! And that piccie with the pair of you on top of the lion, you gazing out, shadowing your eyes with your hand…you should add a caption! “AT DAWN WE ATTACK!”

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