A Weekend in Rome

Walked for miles in Rome. This was my second time in Rome. Rika and I just walked and walked and walked the whole weekend. I don’t think there is a point in taking subway or bus when you’re in Rome. It is such a small city and the bus is crowded anyway. There is much more to see if you just walk up and down the streets.

This time in Rome, I found much better places than last year. Better restaurants, better people and prettier parts of the city. We tried to avoid most of the tourist spots- Which is always a great idea in a big touristy city. I really really like Rome much better after spending the weekend there, but I must admit that Perugia is far prettier than Rome. I was so happy when we returned to Perugia yesterday. It is so damn pretty here!

IMG_7374 copy IMG_7386 copy IMG_7393 copy IMG_7406 copy IMG_7409 copy IMG_7412 copy IMG_7426 copy IMG_7431 copy IMG_7438 copy IMG_7459 copy IMG_7468 copy IMG_7473 copy IMG_7487 copy IMG_7492 copy IMG_7498 copyIMG_7501 copy IMG_7510 copy IMG_7521 copy IMG_7523 copy IMG_7537 copy IMG_7539 copy IMG_7552 copy IMG_7553 copy IMG_7558 copy IMG_7561 copy IMG_7575 copy IMG_7580 copy IMG_7583 copy IMG_7587 copy IMG_7588 copy IMG_7595 copy IMG_7603 copy IMG_7605 copy IMG_7608 copy IMG_7634 copy IMG_7667 copy IMG_7671 copy IMG_7678 copy IMG_7684 copy IMG_7685 copy IMG_7687 copy IMG_7694 copy IMG_7697 copy IMG_7704 copy IMG_7708 copy IMG_7710 copy IMG_7712 copy

Back in Perugia:

IMG_7718 copy IMG_7722 copy IMG_7726 copy IMG_7728 copy IMG_7739 copy IMG_7743 copy IMG_7751 copy

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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2 Responses to A Weekend in Rome

  1. Sabotender says:

    Siste bilde var et veldig fint bilde av deg Wictoria :)
    og… why no Pantheon? :P

  2. Aniva says:

    Du blir bare flinkere og flinkere til å ta bilder Wictoria :) Masse spennende perspektiver, nydelige farger og snitt, og jeg elsker kontrastene mellom fokusert og ufokusert. Du bruker kameraet ditt godt ^^
    Gla i deg vennen!
    Klem! ;)

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