Perugia Day 2

The second day in Perugia was spent strolling around before noon. I had to go out before it started raining (it never did though) or else I could risk not being able to get any pictures this day. Walking around on my own, I was surprised about ending up at the same spots as the day before.

Before Rika went to class, she took me to the University of Perugia. It did not look like a university at all. I think I even dare calling it the prettiest university I have ever seen. It was like an old castle with lovely decorations inside and details beyond ones imagination. I randomly met a Japanese guy who thought I was half Japanese (okay?), and he took me up to the university roof top. The view from up there was stunning, like everything else here.

After walking around for an hour I decided to try my luck with speaking no Italian and being on my own. I kindly asked a blue eyed man if I could buy a coffee at his restaurant. Of course he did not understand me, but after both of us finished waving our arms, pointing, laughing and all that comes with it, I got my little coffee. I sat down, enjoyed the moment and my life. One of the best coffees ever! Then it was about time to find my way home to the apartment and start writing for my exam.

Not loving the exam situation that much, but oh man,  surprisingly I am much more productive here than back home in Norway. Back home I would be distracted by everything I am not supposed to do during exam period.

Rika doing her make-up before class

Rika doing her make-up before class

IMG_7188 copy

The university

The university

IMG_7200 copy IMG_7205 copy IMG_7207 copy IMG_7216 copy IMG_7221 copy

The japanese guy who took me on top of the roof of the university

The japanese guy who took me on top of the roof of the university

IMG_7242 copy IMG_7246 copy IMG_7252 copy IMG_7276 copy

How cute

How cute

IMG_7291 copy IMG_7298 copy IMG_7305 copy IMG_7320 copy IMG_7336 copy IMG_7360 copy IMG_7364 copy IMG_7368 copy

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2 Responses to Perugia Day 2

  1. Liv Elin says:

    I’m loving these pictures so much I’m almost there :)

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