Vlog testing

Just testing testing testing

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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7 Responses to Vlog testing

  1. Sabotender says:

    Good good :) If you want to continue with Vlogs, then i would recommend that you upload the videos to youtube, and use the “embeded video” link to post them into wordpress. Youtube has lots of great features for helping you spread the word.

    Also I could help give you some tips on making your videos exciting for your viewers, first of all, you need a more exciting background, not too detailed, you dont want to draw attention away from yourself, but you want something more exciting that a white wall :P

    Second, plan your “script”, keywords is enough.

    Third, you need to edit the videos, no matter how little. Especially to cut away pauses, silences and unwanted “uhmm”s. A very popular and effective way is of doing this is using “hard cutting”, where you cut right before or after a sentance, check this video for an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvZq8vnKH2U

    Anyway, a good start, keep it up :)

    PS. if you need help learning to edit your videos, I can help you there too, I had a 2 year cource in proffecional video editing :P

    • wictorianart says:

      Hihi, thanks for the tips^^ Of course I will do some cutting and so on, but on yesterdays video I only wanted to test how the video worked on WordPress, so didn’t put any effort in it- In case it wouldn’t work!^^
      Yeah, which video program can I use?^^

  2. Nina says:

    Beautiful Wictoria :) I’d like to see more vlogs! I agree that it can give an extra dimension to your travel posts. Btw. You’ve got some good tips from sabotender, but please Dont make hard cuts in your video – I find this video more down to earth and relaxed with a bit of uhmms :D those youtubers stress me out! Good luck whatever you decide! Hugs

  3. veerendra babu[Hyderabad,India] says:

    hey blue eye deear…so sweet ..not that much stupid..

    love to follow ur blog…Love u too

  4. Marielle says:

    Ah, cool to watch – scripts are good, makes it feel less forced, but I tried it once, aaaand couldn’t do it. X)

  5. Synne says:

    Yay! Video! Jeg er enig at det ikke alltid holder med bare bilder når man reiser, og at film kan tilføye et annet perspektiv. Gleder meg til å se flere videoer, og det føles alltid merkelig å snakke til et kamera i starten (vlogger en del på youtube, så jeg har prøvd det), men du venner deg til det :)

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