The Hobbit, The Private Show

This blog post dates months back. Actually the day before I went to the US. I was so lucky to be invited by the lovely Tathariel to a private screening of The Hobbit with other fantastic people. I wish I had more fancy clothes to put on for this event, but I was behind the camera, so it does not matter that much. It was my third time watching The Hobbit, and it was still really fantastic. All of the people who were lucky to be invite by the sweet redhead were truly happy and jolly to be there!

It was really challenging to take pictures here as the light was horrible! But this is the result:

IMG_2061 copy IMG_2064 copy IMG_2065 copy IMG_2066 copy IMG_2067 copy IMG_2068 copy IMG_2070 copy IMG_2073 copy IMG_2074 copy  IMG_2079 copy IMG_2081 copy IMG_2082 copy IMG_2084 copy IMG_2087 copy IMG_2090 copy IMG_2091 copy IMG_2092 copy IMG_2093 copy IMG_2095 copy IMG_2096 copy IMG_2097 copy IMG_2099 copy IMG_2100 copy IMG_2102 copy IMG_2104 copy IMG_2105 copy IMG_2106 copy IMG_2109 copy IMG_2112 copy IMG_2113 copy IMG_2115 copy IMG_2116 copy IMG_2117 copy

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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12 Responses to The Hobbit, The Private Show

  1. Aww, so many shiny people! <3 (Was kinda bummed about missing it, but oh well!)

  2. VigdisSveinsdottir says:

    Flotte bilder :) Her var det masse fine antrekk!

  3. Pyrodam says:

    Nice! Koselig opplegg :D Alle ser så fine og alviske ut :3

  4. Åh, minner^^ Men haha, Kama-derp-bilder xp Huff

  5. Branna says:

    Så koselig å se bilder fra den flotte kvelden! Jeg tror vi alle hadde det helt supert :)

  6. Ibelinn says:

    Fine bilder! også masse flotte alver da :3
    Hvilket objektiv brukte du? ^^

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