My suitcase went to Berlin while I went to Munich

Finally, after years I am back in Germany. It was one hell of a ride getting to Munich, but I survived it all. I had to wake up at 3am to be on time for my early morning flight from Oslo, which was delayed by 30 minutes or more. Then I arrived in Berlin, which was one of the strangest/worst airports I’ve been at. Everything went so slow, and the gates where so far away from each other. I was about to loose my connecting flight to Munich, and as I suspected my suitcase did not make it to Munich with me. Airberlin didn’t know when my suitcase would arrive so I just had to leave the airport and hope for the best. I’m just saying it: I’m glad I have travel insurance because that saved my day.

After some frustration and walking in circles at Munich airport I finally found the bus which led me to somewhere in Munich. At the bus stop Ciro waited for me. Ironically it was my first time talking to Ciro. We both studied at Kansai Gaidai and knew each other faces but we had never talked before. Surprisingly we have quite a similar personality. Love meeting people who’s like me, coz I love my self. Anyway, Ciro was here to pick me up, because Benjamin, who I really was visiting, was stuck in his office being a real German and working a lot. I also got to know Benjamin at Kansai Gaidai. There is a lot of benefits with studying abroad, you see?

Italian Ciro was my guide that day, and he showed me Munich’s wonderful and charming points. I had hoped for spring, but there was even more snow here than in Norway. The first time I was in Germany, around this time of the year, it was spring and green everywhere. All the Germans feel this winter has been particularly long.

After some sightseeing we went back to Ciro and Benjamin’s place, where I went to bed and slept for some hours. Waking up to Benjamin’s voice when he came home felt so strange but fantastic! You know how it feels when you haven’t seen a friend in many years, and finally you do? So very very unrealistic. We talked for a while about news and how life has been the last years, then we went out for dinner. I got to eat some real Bavarian food which tasted delicious and finally I could drink Radler. Radler is probably my favorite alcohol beverage. It is 50% beer and 50% of lemon soda.

Here is Wikipedia’s description of Radler: The Radler (literally “cyclist”, which refers to its reputation as popular sports drink) is a beer-based mixed drink (Biermischgetränk) with a long history in German-speaking regions. Consisting of a fifty-fifty or sixty-forty mixture of various types of beer and German-style soda pop or lemonade, the invention of the Radler has been widely attributed to the Munich gastronomer Franz Xaver Kugler in 1922. However the recipe for the Radler had been mentioned as early as 1912.[1] Nowadays, the Radler is drunk not only in Bavaria but across Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Northern Italy, Republic of Macedonia and Romania. During the summer months, Radler is very popular due to its reputation of being a thirst-quencher.[2] The product is now being offered by various breweries in bottles and cans.

If you ever go to Germany, I would try this is if I were you. Just a little suggestion.

IMG_5086 copy IMG_5090 copy IMG_5094 copy

Love the small snow crystals falling down

Love the small snow crystals falling down

IMG_5102 copy IMG_5104 copy

Wish we had more of these charming markets in Norway. Ciro is standing there with my H&M bag.

Wish we had more of these charming markets in Norway. Ciro is standing there with my H&M bag.

IMG_5113 copy IMG_5116 copy IMG_5119 copy IMG_5120 copy IMG_5131 copy

Ciro bought a little present for his niece. These eggs are so cute and unique!

Ciro bought a little present for his niece. These eggs are so cute and unique!

IMG_5145 copy IMG_5151 copy IMG_5153 copy IMG_5154 copy IMG_5163 copy

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