A little love story

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I am currently in Munich at my friend’s place, and here I got to hear a really awesome story about how my friend’s friend met her husband. This girl is Italian and during her 20’s she was quite a wild person, doing everything which came to her mind. She traveled to the US for a time, living there as a beggar and living her life like that until she felt finished and headed over to Morocco. One of the days in Morocco she got lost in the desert and wandered for some hours trying to find her way back to where she came from and out of nowhere this guy with blue eyes came riding on a horse, rescuing her.

He was a Hungarian journalist. He brought the girl to his tent where they ended up making love that night. The next day, he took her back to civilization and they exchanged e-mails and phone numbers.

After the Italian girl returned to Rome, she only spoke with the Hungarian journalist some few times over mail so they did not really keep in touch. After some weeks though, she realized that she was pregnant. She called the Hungarian journalist saying:

“So, I’m pregnant”

He answered:

“Ok, cool! Perhaps we should meet up?”

So they decided to meet up in Rome where they also got to know that the Italian girl was pregnant with twins. They spent some days together and fell in love. She moved to Hungary because he had his job there. They still live there and are having a quite unusual but wonderful life. Apparently they do not like furniture, so they actually does not have furniture like a table. They do have a couch though, where they eat their food. My friend had said:

“But you need a table! People won’t come visit if you don’t”

She answered:

“If they are real friends and like us, then they will adapt and eat at our couch”

All this sounds like a fairytale, right? Well, seriously, it is not. That is the amazing part. They are even sending their kids to a Japanese school, so that they can learn Japanese. Their mom has convinced them that Japan is a really cool country and the kids does not mind learning Japanese.

I really respect people who dare to go their own way. That is what I have been trying to do for years. I guess I do that to some point, but I still feel intimidated by the society in my country, norms and people’s opinions of what is normal and not, what you are supposed to do and not supposed to do. Sometimes I find myself lying to my family as well. They tell me to start settling down, but I feel in my heart that I am a person who is not supposed to do that yet, so I find myself lying and telling them that of course I will, soon. There is so many things I need to see before settling down, and I need to follow my instincts which tells me to just go for whatever I want. Hearing this story made me think that there is hope for people like me too. So, if there are more people like me out there, follow your dreams and do whatever you want to do as long as it feels right for you. Don’t feel controlled by society or norms, make your own rules of life. We only have one life. Use your potential and make things happen if you have a dream. Don’t just sit there waiting for the dream to come true by itself, you have to take the first step towards doing what you want with your life. Stop waiting.

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Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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4 Responses to A little love story

  1. Karen says:

    For en vakker og helt utrolig fortelling!

  2. Pyrodam says:

    Vakker innlegg, for en utrolig romantisk historie. JEg er helt enig, en burde ikke tilpasse seg alt og alle slik vi blir oppdratt til, det er viktig å følge sine drømmer og ekte venner finner hverandre og blir værende selv om en ikke skulle ha stuebord!:)

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