Back to Chicago, Reuonin and Auto Show

Jeff and I headed back to Chicago. At the airport Jay waited for us. Well, some of you might remember Jay? Well, by a coincidence I found myself in the same country as my ex. Shun also came to Jeff’s place and stayed my last weekend in the US. In other words, we had a reunion. Strange, us being in US when we’re used to being in Japan together.

We spent time mingling at bars, talking about Kansai Gaidai, friends, how life’s been and so on. It was really cozy actually. I miss those times in Japan, when we all lived in the same country. Now every one is spread all over the world. I hope we’ll be able to have a bigger reunion in the future, with all of our friends gathering somewhere.

Back in Chicago we went to the Auto Show. I loved the cars they had there. A beauty for the eye! Took a lot of pictures, but most of them didn’t look good because there were too many people ruining them. My feet died half way through the Auto Show, so I had to sit down and wait for the boys to finish their car sightseeing.

While being back in Chicago, Jeff’s new family member also showed up: Milo. He is the family’s new sweetheart. A cute little puppy who I totally fell in love with! He was so cute walking around, tripping in his own pawns.

This is my last post with pictures from the US, but I filmed a lot as well. It will probably take a while before the video can be posted here.

Never wanted this vacation to end! I can’t wait to go back to the US in the future. I actually feel like a changed person after being in the US. It is really strange, but I do. I also got a depression after returning home. Back to reality, back to real life. Is it mentally healthy to travel as much as I do? Sometimes I wonder…

Jeff, Jay and Shun

Jeff, Jay and Shun

IMG_3377 copy IMG_3384 copy IMG_3385 copy IMG_3390 copy IMG_3395 copy IMG_3409 copy IMG_3417 copy IMG_3447 copy IMG_3468 copy IMG_3475 copy IMG_3482 copy

Milo <3

Milo <3

IMG_3496 copy IMG_3501 copy IMG_3503 copy IMG_3504 copy

Jeff's father

Jeff’s father

Jeff's mom

Jeff’s mom

IMG_3517 copy

Delicious? Not really, but had to try it!

Delicious? Not really, but had to try it!

IMG_3536 copy IMG_3546 copy IMG_3553 copy IMG_3559 copy IMG_3561 copy IMG_3567 copy IMG_3571 copy IMG_3575 copy

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