From Snow Crystals to Palms and Desert

Sine it was my first time in the US, I was eager to see other parts of this huge country as well. To my joy Jeff had suggested that we could visit his grandparents living in Palm Desert, California. Being from Norway and all, I won’t say no going to a place where the temperature is noticeably higher than my snowy and godforsaken country. It’s even a wonder that people still live in Norway, if you ask me. Bet nobody would want to live there if it wasn’t for the fact that we have salmon and oil.

Sitting by the window in the plain, looking out, is extremely fascinating. Never have I seen a landscape shifting this fast. There were so much to look at. Oh how I wish I could drive through the US with my camera at hand. Company would be much appreciated though. You definitively need someone to share this with.

IMG_2333 copy IMG_2339 copy IMG_2344 copy IMG_2347 copy IMG_2355 copy

Getting closer to Palm springs and warmer climate you sure see a huge difference from Chicago. And then, boom, all these green areas pop up. In the middle of the desert. Apparently, here all the rich and retired people live. They sure live in paradise. Flying over Palm Desert, looking down at all these houses, golf areas and pools I secretly wished that I would become rich and could get retired here as well, but on the other hand side, I don’t like golfing that much and I would probably die of the heat during summer.

IMG_2358 copy

At the airport two lovely ladies are waiting for us. I find myself looking upon a woman who does not fit the age she is in. She looks so young for her age. She has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen, a kindness to her that immediately hits me and a strength I hope I will be so lucky to have when I turn her age. She can even handle an iPhone. Even I can’t do that. I just love this woman. We head for the car and I find my self sitting in one hell of a car, with a lot of buttons that does random things with your seat. I love the car as well.

IMG_2363 copy IMG_2364 copy IMG_2376 copy IMG_2379 copy

After eating lunch we head to grandma’s house. Paradise to me. Jeff showed me around the house and I was shocked. I found myself in the most beautiful house I had ever seen. I had no words. I was just stunned really. I almost felt rude, walking around the house with my jaw hanging to the floor. The room I was staying in was so lovely! I am so grateful to Jeff doing all this for me. I am so happy I could meet his grandparents! Jeff’s grandfather was such a charming and lovely man. He made me laugh so much.

IMG_2381 copy IMG_2391 IMG_2396 copy IMG_2400 copy IMG_2406 copyMy room <3

IMG_2411 copy IMG_2415 copy IMG_2419 copy IMG_2420 copy IMG_2427 copy IMG_2429 copy IMG_2430 copy IMG_2431 copy IMG_2435 copy IMG_2437 copy

Jeff took me around the area where his grandparent’s lived. It was my first time sitting in a golf car, so that was a lovely experience. The rest of that day, I ran around taking pictures of all this eye candy, giggling like never before.

IMG_2441 copy IMG_2444 copy IMG_2466 copy IMG_2479 copy IMG_2497 copy IMG_2523 copy IMG_2541 copy IMG_2548 copy IMG_2549 copy

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Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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2 Responses to From Snow Crystals to Palms and Desert

  1. Wow, paradis!! Skikkelig fint!
    Jeg skal iallefall kjøre igjennom USA en gang og bare se på landskapet og ta bilder. Gleder meg allerede. (:

  2. Jeg bare argh, uhm, baaah! Hvor ER dette hen? Det ser ut som en HELT annen verden :O Jeg tror jeg oppført meg som om jeg gikk på glass, fordi det er så fjærnt fra min virkelighet at jeg måtte gått forsiktig for ikke å våkne :p Men wow! Mange fine gjenstander innomhus, det ser varmt og deilig ut utendørs og den innsjøen ser ut som en dinosaur :p

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