Woke Up In Chicago

I open my eyes, confused. Where am I? In a room I do not recognize, a place I cannot remember to have been before. Oh, right. I am in Chicago. United States of America. I get out of my bed with a smile on my face. Jeff is already awake, and I get to meet Jeff’s father for the first time. Having no make-up on makes me a bit uncomfortable, but that was too late now. Still amazed by the house. Still cannot believe I am at the opposite side of Norway, in the other direction I have never been before.

Jeff’s father asks us if we want to go to eat breakfast with him. I gladly answer yes to this bright talkative man.

IMG_2187 copyIMG_2189 copy IMG_2195 copy IMG_2198 copy

Walker Bros is just like I have imagined that American breakfast places would be. The queue is quite long, but people are eagerly waiting in line. The food here must be good. To my surprise, Jeff orders a huge apple pie which is sweeter than sugar. I on the other hand side, decide to eat something not that sweet, as I am not particularly fond of sweet breakfast or sweets in general. The size of Jeff’s apple pie is enormous. I take a sip of the coffee. It is not bitter. It exactly how I like it. The American pancakes are put on the table. I had to try it, considering that I was in America after all. Well, the conclusion was; Too sweet for my taste, but fun to try.

IMG_2201 copy

Standing by the counter, looking down at all the small toys they have there I see the cutest Winnie the Pooh I have ever seen. I giggle and point towards it. Jeff’s father looks at me, asking if I want it. I politely say “No thanks”. He buys it to me anyway. I fell in love with this little fella the moment I held him in my arm. He was the new mascot of this trip.

IMG_2205 copy IMG_2211 copy IMG_2213 copy IMG_2221 copy

Later that day we head for downtown Chicago. Sitting in the car, listening to music on the radio, knowing that I am in the US makes me really happy. Finally, I see Chicago Skyline. Much more impressive than I thought. I particularly notice one of the buildings because it reminds me of the eye of Sauron. That is what I decide to call it the rest of my trip. We drive through a lot of blocks before we finally find a parking lot. Chicago is cold. Stepping out of the car is not comfortable. To my freezing joy, we enter one of the apartments nearby and head up to 9th floor. There I meet Scott. Living by himself. Almost. He is accompanied by a very shy cat, but she is adorable.

I move to the window and realize that the view is prefect for great pictures of the city. I politely excuse myself, heading out on the veranda trying to ignore the cold wind. My feet feel like ice, but that does not matter when I have something I want to take pictures of. I frame the eye of sauron in one of my pictures too.

IMG_2252 IMG_2256 copy IMG_2262 copy IMG_2273 copy

These two wonderful boys show me around the city. Tell me stories about the bad areas of this city, and the good areas too. Apparently Chicago is not that safe. I am glad I am not alone.

Oh no.. Another perfect photo spot? I tell the boys to stop, so I can sit down and take my pictures. The cars pass me in high speed, so I am a bit afraid, but you would do everything to get a good picture, right? At least I do. I am trying to be quick, so the boys do not have to start thinking about pushing me in front of the cars so that I can stop waisting their time.

IMG_2288 copy

Scott hates that he has to show me the bean. Apparently it is one of the big tourist spots in Chicago. Me on the other hand side, I am fascinated by the bean, since I can get a part of Chicago’s skyline in it. What would I have done if the boys weren’t this patient? Thankz guys!

IMG_2290 copy IMG_2297 copy IMG_2299 copy IMG_2301 copy IMG_2304 copy IMG_2305 copy IMG_2306

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Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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One Response to Woke Up In Chicago

  1. Høres ut som en flott opplevelse :)
    Flotte bilder også denne gangen!

    Ps. Fant kattebildet litt morsom (katten ved benken). “Can i haz breakfast?” :P

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