Please help me get my art and life back!

I had the worst day in a long time today. My newly bought hard-disk, which was barely 2 months old, got broken today. That was not such a big problem, since I hadn’t had the time to put much important things on it.

Then I went for my old external harddisk, only to discover that it makes clicking sounds. Which means… Broken. I have the last 5 years of my life, art and Photography in this harddisk, and I really want to have it all back.

The price for retaining my files from my harddisk is 8000 Norwegian Krones, which is 1431 USD / 885 GBP . I have no idea how to magically get my hands on so much money considering that I just spent almost all of my savings for a trip for the US… Typical my luck.

I’m turning my head in all directions to look for help, so I am taking on commissions so I can afford repairing it.

If you are interested in ordering drawings from me, please take a look at my deviantart site for info about prices and types of drawings. Here.

I can also do Photography jobs.

Any help appreciated!

Email me at:

Autumn elf finished

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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5 Responses to Please help me get my art and life back!

  1. Stakkar, I know how you feel. My computer completely broke down and I had to get a new one and I lost a ton of important things…Hope you’re able to get it fixed eventually :S

  2. Liv Elin says:

    Oh noes! :( d va ille! Ka treng du, e d photoshop-file eller? D kan hende æ har nån av bildan dine på min pc.

  3. Aniva says:

    Herregud! Det var jo utrolig dyrt! Er det ingen av dine datakyndige venner som vet hvordan? eller noen plass som gjør det billigere? Uff! Håper det ordner seg… Klem ;)

  4. Jace Wallace says:

    To be fair, the last time I did that was 10 years ago but it worked.

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