the little desert

IMG_1185 copy IMG_1187 copy IMG_1194 copy IMG_1195 copy IMG_1206 IMG_1212 copy IMG_1213 copy IMG_1223 copy IMG_1239 copy IMG_1250 copy IMG_1264 copy

They had a desert like place at Gran Canaria. Of course I had to go there and take pictures! You could ride on camel backs as well, but I’ll save that for the future.

Enjoy the pictures! I’m out of time and need to go to bed. I’m going to Chicago tomorrow! The US… Never been there, don’t know what to expect but, I am exited!

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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3 Responses to the little desert

  1. Great pictures! Recognize the the style of the place (went to Arguineguin there august 2012 myself where explored much of the island).Iv never been to the US though so that sounds fun. Have a good one! :)

  2. Liv Elin says:

    oiii…de ørken bildan va skikkeli kule! :D Særli d m den rette, lange muren, der man kan se et menneske uti der!

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