those small details

The other day I went shopping some girly and I believe necessary stuff for my small apartment. It can be discussed if I really needed them or not, but you know the feeling of eternal happiness when shopping and spending money, right?

I bought this lovely pink chair(?)! The main thought was to have it under my desk so it could support my feet when I’m sitting here. (#life of being too short)

But anyhow, it was too tall! I decided to make it into the perfect suitable place for my purse, which is always laying on the floor somewhere.

Thought these were really nice as well!

I also decided that it was about time starting to drink some real coffee and not the other bitter instant coffee I’m always forcing down my throat.

Since no men is buying me roses, I have to take care of that business myself. Not that I mind though. After all, I’m married with myself.

Ah, life is such a wonder if you just take a closer look (and ignore the not so fantastic things).


I guess I’ve been neglecting this blog somehow, considering that my frequent posts stopped, right? Well, I guess it has  lot of explanations. First of, I’m really busy, busier than ever. Second, I have no idea if more than 5 people is reading this bog anymore. Third, there’s been less traveling. Fourth, what can be so interesting about me writing about my always failing love life, miseries, drama, what I did yesterday, Norway, and school? And what the hell made me start writing English? I don’t know actually. I’ve just felt like writing in English even though my English isn’t that great. So i guess you can say that my blog have become more focused on drawings and art, right? But at one point I had to take a step back and become a little more private, right?

And then to all the people still reading my blog; Love you guys for having to endure with me in all these years of my random blabbering of travels and miseries. I am truly grateful for the people who is still reading. Thank you :D


About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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14 Responses to those small details

  1. Liv Elin says:

    Du e ei tullehøna å d e æ åsså…æ klarte å slette mobilnummere ditt da æ redigerte nån doble nummer æ hadde på tlf :S kan du sende mæ en sms å bare si at d e du så æ får gjenoppretta kontaktn?

  2. Sabotender says:

    Dont worry about the blog, sometimes you just have quiet periods :)
    I think transitioning to English is a good move, it will make your blog more acceptable internationally,
    Though you should still think of maybe having 2 blogs, one for personal use and one for business. A potential employer would not care so much to read about your love life, but would be very interested in your process creating a piece of art.

    Speaking of your love life, hang in there, you just have to find that special someone (That being said, after hearing those words for 4 years now I can understand how you feel :P)
    I will always read your blog Wictoria :) Thats what friends are for, drinking coffie, offering a shoulder to cry on, reading blogs.. :P

    • wictorianart says:

      Haha, true!^^ I thought I should just in general stop ranting about my lovelife haha. But, yeah, about the business one, I’ll guess I’ll just use for that^^
      I just need to make a “sketches” section or something! :D

      Thankz for the support my friend!^^ Much appreciated!

  3. wolkenfels says:

    Always love to read your little blog. Keep writing! And yes – instant coffee is a no go! :-)

  4. veerendra babu[Hyderabad,India] says:

    hey Wictoria…feel ur blog…
    u remember me or not..dont know,but i m the one who has been following u from almost 18 months.
    simply love it n love ur gang…&kine blogs too[i write to her many times..but..she replied once]
    k.tak care…love u

    • wictorianart says:

      Yes, I do remember you. I’m happy you still read my blog. Makes me happy! I know I’m blogging less, but at least I’m still here.

  5. Jeg er nok ikke så flink til å kommentere, men leser alltid bloggen din!
    Krakken din var kjempesøt!

  6. Mtani says:

    Er bare glad du ikke slutter å blogge helt jeg! Og disse “fra hverdagen” innleggene er bare for krydder å regne mellom diverse flotte fotografier og annen kunst du lager. Liker!

    • wictorianart says:

      Så koselig å høre da!^^ Jeg prøver jo å blogge om litt forskjellige ting, så lenge det er noe som interesserer meg og kanskje andre:)

  7. Synne says:

    Jeg er fortsatt her og vil fortsette det fremover. Jeg har selv noen perioder hvor jeg leser blogger mer enn andre, så hvorfor man ikke skulle ha noen slike peroider når man skriver vet jeg ikke. :) Etter en stund fylles rss leseren min opp og da er din blogg alltid en av de første jeg setter meg ned for å ta igjen, ettersom du kombinerer både reise, foto, tegning og litt personlig! :D

    • wictorianart says:

      Åh, dette var en fin fin kommentar! Blir så glad når jeg vet at folk faktisk er her! Takk skal du ha for kommentaren din! Makes me happy!^^ Får fortsette å blogge da. Har vurdert å bare kutte det ut, ettersom jeg har vært usikker på om noen leser den.

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