2012 in Pictures and Text

Entering 2012, the year the Mayans ended our calendar, I decided that 2012 was going to be the year of adventure and travelling. It sure was some hell of a journey. I travelled so many places I never thought I would, but hey- I couldn’t die without seeing as many countries as possible, right?

And no, I did not honestly believe that we were going to die in December, but it sure was a good excuse to get the hell out of Norway and see other places.

I started 2012 by celebrating in Tokyo and experiencing an earthquake exactly 1 year ago.

 Tokyo Tower390326_10150569878631081_448665155_n 404963_10150569878886081_1840007379_n 390246_10150554243826081_1552794730_n

In March I went to Amsterdam and Prague. I was not overly impressed by Amsterdam (If you look away from the Red Light district), but Prague blew my mind! There were so many beautiful places and lovely architecture! And of course, it was cheap as well, which meant that I had to drink as much beer as I could.

416916_10150739250236081_87992999_n 426941_10150728188901081_599414190_n 419322_10150735079111081_746384654_n 423866_10150735079721081_789311392_n 428332_10150735082446081_318349874_n

My sweet speaking partner from Japan, Rika, Came to Norway to visit. We went to Trondheim for some sightseeing, but the weather was horrible!


In April I cut my hair, opened my own business (wictorianart) and went to the gathering, returning home with prize money.

575037_10150841081326081_876549662_n 385572_10150805892491081_167658590_n 552460_10150797191841081_1243283024_n 557306_10150797192046081_1568621296_n

In spring time I got my hands on some shoes my mother would like to see burning, and I bought a flunking new camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Although it was expensive as hell, I don’t regret it at all. It’s the best expensive thing I have ever bought!

536515_10150934972836081_364378862_n 536483_10150934972971081_1821691273_n

In May I went to Rome, eating Pizza, enjoying life. I was rather surprised when entering Colosseum, and wasn’t sure if it really was Colosseum or not. You see, the floor was gone, so it didn’t match the image I had of Colosseum from the movies. After some thinking and googling, I realized that it was Colosseum, so I got from being “O.o” to getting satisfied. I also went to the Vatican, which I neither believed was the Vatican as it didn’t match what I had seen in the twilight movie (now I’m not even sure if they actually were there at all), so I was rather disappointed and I anyway had too little clothes on for entering the Vatican. So I had to buy some new clothing. Quite fancy pancy. Being in Italy I also got the chance to meet a fantastic friend I got to know while living in Japan. I had not seen Antonio in over one year, so I was in heaven. It is really strange, meeting people in another setting than what you are used to.

599659_10151048317196081_656406768_n 389315_10151048320271081_414984153_n 392561_10151048323401081_1955525776_n 250869_10151048324496081_106615428_n 182381_10151050124516081_390213837_n 481330_10151050124426081_1413101562_n

Next I went to Hungary, Budapest, drinking coffee and hunting for castles. Yet again, drinking beer became a very important point about being in Hungary. I never knew Hungary was so beautiful. The world kept surprising me. Oh yes, and I had the best Tomato soup I’ve ever tasted!

229898_10151062880716081_685471898_n 198355_10151062881736081_181248422_n 198381_10151065199646081_306787785_n 529423_10151076115796081_693917536_n 540831_10151076116741081_1070291465_n 548013_10151065200521081_1400656611_n 548277_10151076114751081_527575613_n 554065_10151076115176081_1122439876_n

Some time after this, life was quite hard on me. But I’m still hanging in here, right? So trying to focus on the fun part of life I decided to go to the medieval festival in Oslo. It was a wonderful experience. I got to make some new acquaintances with some people I have been keeping and eye on for some years (reading their blogs), and I spent time with good friends.

541737_10151080228511081_554011459_n 577311_10151080228681081_2060797502_n 483177_10151080228966081_1737996169_n 283684_10151080230411081_571226199_n 484071_10151080229951081_390324187_n

Then my self went to London, eating Asian food, enjoying the weather and taking pictures.

250962_10151089830331081_1135344658_n 391404_10151082438186081_1085877387_n 428873_10151082442086081_991528896_n 482987_10151089831751081_422421514_n 486365_10151089829456081_981211817_n 529500_10151089832786081_282891547_n

Yet again I went to another fantastic festivals filled with Vikings! I met some dear friends, enjoyed the atmosphere and wonderful weather!

292381_10151101315416081_385944444_n 376323_10151101551221081_1490370463_n 403844_10151103629981081_1292519949_n 523853_10151103628911081_860108284_n 523873_10151099426416081_1343659701_n 529130_10151103629346081_1813096112_n 531592_10151101554021081_28844645_n 534560_10151101316186081_1511551575_n 534678_10151101551156081_2053353400_n 552478_10151105863791081_1905103979_n 575892_10151101552626081_1415378300_n 599383_10151103627736081_1445951049_n 600130_10151105863141081_1348547987_n

I went to the north of Sweden with my family. A camping wagon trip actually! It was good for a day or two, but then I started feeling restless and spent hours running in the forest listening to dub step. Like skrillex, yes. Like it or not.

396794_10151130254651081_1468688850_n 418286_10151130252136081_103587468_n 425063_10151130250271081_1111672645_n 558364_10151130251001081_748584843_n

I sold my art at Desucon.


My baby brother Simon also saw the light of this world.


Hola! To spain I went. I was deadly afraid of getting tanned, so I made sure to dip my whole body in SPF 50 +! I managed to go from signal white to white. At times the heat almost killed me, but somehow I survived.

404159_10151175729726081_1989084842_n 417177_10151175731786081_1642008946_n 542549_10151193921246081_728150231_n 580774_10151175729006081_928154588_n

Then I headed to France- Perhaps one of the most fantastic vacations I’ve ever been on! The journey started in Nice, where I could imagine living for a year or two. I went jogging early in the mornings, alongside the promenade, enjoying life.

260439_10151194136156081_1193493852_n 375797_10151196453936081_623742614_n 383796_10151194137956081_569678496_n 408219_10151194134836081_6693619_n 578934_10151196454611081_927777371_n

A beautiful car was rented and we named her Molly. The journey went from Nice to Monaco! The scenery on our way there was like torn out of a movie.

260531_10151197450496081_1078729709_n 320135_10151197451241081_2022588086_n 426592_10151196456281081_1656541733_n 484409_10151197450116081_1546005721_n 556590_10151197451386081_864396528_n

Driving towards north we often had the chance to stop at different locations and capturing the scenery with my wonderful Canon camera. I was always searching for castles on our way. I’m obsessed with them.

224737_10151197451761081_212015918_n 250379_10151224121381081_703736862_n 293073_10151207215981081_1661641048_n 304655_10151220123256081_1346701416_n 419369_10151220118906081_1457663824_n 423863_10151224121621081_49938940_n 546079_10151224121536081_450448729_n 552015_10151224120761081_130222431_n 582774_10151224121861081_1772571151_n

We even slept on a castle! And I felt like a little princess, drinking coffee in a castle, sleeping there, eating there and so on. It was a childhood dream to come true. Now I want to live on a castle! Anybody got one?

304342_10151230244561081_952446224_n 304592_10151228563261081_697241892_n 546421_10151230244966081_2050118478_n 552107_10151228563996081_1501509575_n 558655_10151230244161081_814157064_n 576856_10151228564971081_1037676971_n 578408_10151228564496081_1303014098_n 578515_10151228565656081_1210065373_n 644529_10151230245536081_1593847025_n

Then the rest of the car drive through France was all about castles, to my pleasure.

184089_10151238836851081_1599605106_n 206412_10151239642641081_1856224808_n 223809_10151232171381081_1434135400_n 248416_10151238835966081_1894703855_n 252567_10151231161406081_1411582460_n 303153_10151238835291081_1053432673_n 561722_10151231161751081_1299361342_n 598686_10151238836301081_1156953873_n

Mont Saint Michelle and Claude Monet’s garden.

391613_10151243081501081_1658460350_n 304911_10151244582096081_1102211196_n 425873_10151263723981081_1508855297_n 543392_10151263723936081_1325900240_n

Paris was wonderful as well, but I was more impressed by the other places France had to offer. Besides, Paris was even hotter than Spain so I got easily exhausted while walking around Paris.

399632_10151264472226081_1622126956_n 545827_10151264473596081_963331275_n 577020_10151264474556081_201126265_n

I celebrated my birthday in Ireland with Tomo. Ireland was fantastic! It was so wonderful spending my birthday at Cliffs of Moher! It was one of the best birthday presents I could have given my self.

23957_10151281343206081_1858984304_n 44189_10151283550911081_1545510735_n 251350_10151283551326081_962340292_n 389399_10151283550276081_745925449_n

I went a second time to Japan, eating, eating and eating. I ended up putting on 4-5 kilos in 2 weeks. Oh my God. But I can’t help it when the food is so delicious!

619_10151295450611081_499981037_n 1077_10151296439311081_1159089574_n 395042_10151309078981081_93661776_n 398249_10151311473436081_1437672546_n 420934_10151287610386081_1123449963_n 425722_10151287610631081_1935224757_n 548887_10151298636931081_2103605452_n 564818_10151309080016081_825587541_n

Again I went to Hungary, this time the weather was much better so my pictures turned out better than last time.

69794_10151317006491081_1490979873_n 416985_10151317008186081_757330839_n 545562_10151319387556081_1949452984_n

My last journey in another country was Denmark, Copenhagen. The weather was horrible, but the atmosphere was great anyway.

IMG_9722 copy IMG_9644 copy IMG_9692 copy

Then my Christmas was celebrated up in the north.

IMG_9937 copy

My sister, is soooo cute!

It was a splendid year! I don’t regret one second of it. I hope 2013 will be as thriving as 2012. I also hope everybody else had a wonderful 2012 and a better 2013. Hugs and kisses.

About wictorianart

Freelance artist and photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Mainly doing character design, concept art, illustration and wedding photography.
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9 Responses to 2012 in Pictures and Text

  1. Sabotender says:

    thats alot of text! :P
    Well Wictoria, it will be hard for you to beat 2012, but there are still lots of countries left to explore ;)

  2. Aniva says:

    Massevis av nydelige bilder her :) Ser ut som du har hatt et flott år ;) Godt nyttår, glad i deg klem!

  3. En flott oppsummerings blogginnlegg for året 2012! Ps. Maya kalender saken vil jeg si er en av de sakene som var mer “oppblåst” enn “smørkrise” saken i 2012. Liker at du nevnte den. :P

  4. Ainjali says:

    Wow! For et år du har hatt! Så fantastisk å kunne reise så mange steder på et år. Sukk, slott…. Du tar utrolig flotte bilder!

  5. Drømmer meg alltid bort i flere av bildene dine, åh. Nesten så jeg lagrer dem i eget inspirasjonsarkiv på dataen min så jeg kan sitte og fantasere. *need to reblog more of your pictures* <3

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